The Seattle
Winter Jacket


The Silky Loose
Summer Collection


San Francisco
Crew Shirt


Nothing Mainstream

Our clothes are made in limited batches. Not mass produced. Only 100 pieces are made per style.

People will STARE.

Make it worth their while.

Sustainable Materials

A brand builds by trust and trust build by the quality which turns a great relationship. We don’t sell relationship, coz we don’t believe in trump. Always get a quality product from StareMe.

Tailored Fit

After many experiments and test, we now mastered the size issue.  Now no need to scratch your head for the size issues. We lifted your headache on us. Our T-Shirts now prepared with standard size charts which suit on you.

Fast Shipping

Traffic is a huge problem and we are bound to time. We now partnered with trusted shipping couriers to deliver the happiness quickly. Our shipping department is now enhanced, so you get your Insane T-Shirt at your door earliest.


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